Custom Wiring

IEC Slip Rings can be modified using all or a combination of:

  • 12AWG to 24AWG TFE coated wire
  • COAX
  • Twisted shielded pair
  • Thermocouple
  • CAT 5
  • Specialty heater wire
  • Multi-Conductor cable
  • Customer supplied specialty cable
  • Zone rated cable

High Amperage

Multiple combinations of brushes and wiring can be used to meet a wide array of amperage requirements.

Connector Options

IEC offers the following options for connecting your equipment to our slip ring assemblies:

  • Single pin coax connectors
  • Circular connectors (Amphenol, Cannon)
  • Wet-mateable connectors (Seacon, Subconn, Impulse, Marshall Underwater)
Customer supplied specialty connectors