Slip Ring Asssemblies
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Since 1955
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IEC has a 55-year history of manufacturing quality slip rings with precision and care. IEC slip rings have been used in applications involving the far reaches of space and the deepest depths of the oceans.

With over 10,000 slip ring drawings we have experience with a wide variety of designs and applications. Mounting options include, but are not limited to, end-of-shaft, over-the-shaft and inside- -the-shaft mounting.
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Oil and Gas Drilling
Logging and Perforation
Seismic Exploration
Coil Tubing Applications
Marine Winch and Towed Arrays
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Food Processing Equiment
Bottling and Filler Equipment
Packaging Equipment
Measurement Equipment
Strain Guage
IEC slip rings are manufactured using the highest quality materials available including solid coin silver rings, graphite and silver brushes, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. IEC uses state of the art CNC machines to manufacture all of our parts and an experienced workforce to assemble each slip ring.
BX Style Slip Ring
Through Bore Slip Ring
High Temperature Slip Ring
Explosion Proof Slip Ring
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Military & Defense
Oceanographic Instrumentation
Wind Turbines
Strain and Torque Readings
Signal Transfer
Temperature Control